Putting scuba on the map

As keen divers we grew tired of trawling all of the web to research diving holidays, what time of year could we go? what we could see underwater? are there dive shops/resorts, even liveaboards where we can stay at in the area?

So this is where this site was born, it is simply a search tool for finding scuba diving seasons from around the world. You can research your next vacation or holiday with local Dive Shops, Dive Sites, Resorts, Accomodation and Liveaboard boats available in the area. Search by month, aquatic life or dive types to find your next diving destination!.

Researching a holiday

Planning a holiday in July and want to go diving with manta rays? Just dying to take your drysuit out for a spin but don’t know where to go ice or cave diving? Longing for diving in the tropical waters of Asia and want to find out which seasons are available? Look no further!

Simplify your search for the perfect diving holiday and name your criteria – when you want to go, what you want to see or which kind of diving you prefer.

How it works

Choose a month, some aquatic life and/or the type of diving you prefer and we will show you on the map which locations fit your criteria.

Once you have chosen an area, you will find not only specific divesites but also nearby dive shops and resorts. Here you can also read comments from other users or add your own.

You can also use the search bar at the top of the page, here you can search the site by all the same criteria and also for a location by name.

Help us map the world

Our goal is to map the world of all the scuba diving seasons. So we have made it easy to help. If you are browsing through and find some of the season information is wrong just click [edit] near the info and quickly update it yourself. It's a very easy way to make sure we are correct and up to date!

You can also add dive sites, resorts and shops in the season info page, just right click on the map exactly where it exists and submit it.

Also if you are wondering why a location or season is not there, then use the quick feedback form and we'll research it for you and put it right up.

Finally if you have comments about your dive trip, experience with a resort or had an amazing dive, why not let everyone else know by adding some comments

Featured Seasons for October:

  • Galapagos Islands(Main Season)
  • Cocos Island(Main Season)
  • Sudan(Manta Ray Season)
  • Cuba(Main Season)
  • Hurghada(Winter)
  • Dominica(Main Season)
  • Palau(Main Season)
  • Ontario(Main Season)
  • Puerto Rico(Main Season)
  • US Virgin Islands(Main Season)

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